Aesthete Theme

Aesthete WordPress Theme is designed in the renaissance/antique style.

It includes portfolio and catalog functionality and supports threaded comments. Custom header and footer are available through the theme options. The theme has native support of several plugins.

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  • Portfolio and Catalog in-build functionality
  • Automatic thumbnails generation for portfolio and catalog
  • SEO optimized (titles, headings, meta keywords and description, breadcrumbs)
  • Threaded comments support
  • Gravatars enabled in comments
  • Author comments highlighting
  • Native support of the following plugins: Slimbox, Pagebar2, WP-Paginate
  • Pagination is supported for posts, for multi-paged posts and for comments
  • Custom header and footer via the theme options
  • Live preview of footer look.

Aesthete theme v.1.2 released

The Aesthete WordPress Theme version 1.2 released


  • ADDED: new theme option “Show Home Link”
  • ADDED: Drop-down menu for subpages
  • ADDED: tooltips for header images in the theme options
  • REMOVED: theme option “Use Graphic Header”
  • FIXED: not all options were displayed at some hostings
  • FIXED:  some markup issues

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The Aesthete WordPress theme version 1.1.2 released

The Aesthete WordPress Theme version 1.1.2 released


  • ADDED: new theme option “Hide blog info”
  • FIXED:  some markup issues
  • FIXED: not all options were displayed if uploads dir is not writable
  • CHANGED: thumbnail caching is not required now. If  uploads dir is not writable thumbnails are generated dynamically
  • FIXED: I tried  to make the theme PHP4 compatible.  Please send me bug reports if any.


The Aesthete WordPress Theme 1.1.1

The Aesthete WordPress Theme version 1.1.1 released


  • FIXED:  some options issues
  • CHANGED: Clarified header image  option


The Aesthete WordPress Theme 1.1

The Aesthete WordPress Theme version 1.1 released

The release has significant updates. The theme becomes more and more user friendly and I’ll continue to work on it.


  • CHANGED: Thumbnaing is now included to the theme and doesn’t require phpThumb. It still requires wordpress upload dir to be writable.
  • CHANGED: Portfolio and Catalog categories are now selected from the list (no need to enter the ID)
  • ADDED: You can upload and select in the theme options your own custom header image.
  • ADDED: You can change header text font size in the theme options
  • ADDED: RSS icon and the theme option to show/hide RSS link
  • ADDED: Link to README in theme options.
  • REMOVED: I’ve removed PSD-file from the theme folder but I uploaded it here. Moreover I’ve added the new file to help you to design custom header.

The nearest TODO is:

  • Custom graphic logo
  • Allow to hide blog title/description through the theme options

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Helpful files for the Aesthete wordpress theme

Here are some files that can be helpful for creating custom header images for the Aesthete wordpress theme:
PSD sources (zip)

Aesthete theme v1.0.6

Aesthete wordpress theme version 1.0.6 released


  • FIXED: Wrong heading html-markup in single post
  • UPDATED: README.txt to clarify requirements
  • UPDATED: “Thumbnailing does not work” message in admin area is now looking less dangerous :)

Demo | Download

IMPORTANT: Bug reports

If you’ve  found a bug in the theme please contact me via email:

Please provide browser version, PHP version, WordPress version. I would be obliged to you if you provide the link to your site to see the bug/problem in action.

Aesthete theme v1.0.5

FIXED:  Image paths for phpThumb was incorrect at some server configurations.

Demo | Download (see newer versions)

Aesthete theme v1.0.4, approved

Aesthete wordpress theme version 1.0.4 released. The version is approved by


  • FIXED: Some compatibility issues
  • ADDED: Footer design has moved to the theme options
  • ADDED: Detecting if phpThumb cache is writeable and providing recommendations to make it work

Demo: here
Download: newer version available