Amazing news! My first Android game! Word Tower – unique word game


This is really amazing news for me. My first android application is on market!

This is the new word game where you think up words an fill in towers containing pre-given diagonal letters. No such games on android market yet!
If you like word games like scrabble, crossword puzzles, word finding and other word games, you’re going to love the Word Tower game.

TRY it free and BUY :) more


Clear Line Theme

Clear Line is the clear and very lightweight theme. It’s also highly customizable. Fixed or flexible width, 8 sidebar layouts, columnar posts displaying, 14 widget areas, advanced options page with option inheritance and tons of options, helpful 404 error page, SEO-optimized markup. It natively supports SEO and pagination plugins and WordPress3 features: header images, menus, backgrounds, post thumbnails etc. more


Aesthete Theme

Aesthete WordPress Theme is designed in the renaissance/antique style.

It includes portfolio and catalog functionality and supports threaded comments. Custom header and footer are available through the theme options. The theme has native support of several plugins. more

How to Add Post Thumbnails


In previous versions of WordPress (prior to 2.9 if I remember right) there wasn’t in-built possibility to use post thumbnails. That’s why some themes (the best of them) used custom fields to hold a related image URI. Some of themes retrieved the first image from posts. Each theme had its own method to store/get the image and that’s why changing a theme was a quite time-taking process.

It seems now that was ages ago. Currently the most of the WordPress themes support in-built WordPress functionality of post thumbnails. But probably it’s not obvious how to set them because I receive questions of them every day. more

Codestyling localization plugin fix

The Codestyling localization is the great plugin that helps theme and plugin translators greatly. This is really the best plugin ever for translators. Unfortunately it has one very annoying bug on my web-server configuration – it cannot deal with quotas and “\n” sequence. The plugin adds additional slashes before the symbols. I don’t know if… more

The best way to create dynamic CSS for your WP theme

When you design your own wordpress theme you probably use an option page with options that affect your theme appearance. If so, you need to create dynamic css for the theme and insert it into pages. There are several ways to do that but only one is the best. more

Clear Line Theme v.0.5 released

The Clear Line WordPress Theme version 0.5 released Changlog: ADDED: new theme option Show Blog Title And Description ADDED: new theme option Show Allowed Tags Below Comment Box ADDED: new theme option Show RSS Button at top of the page FIXED: “Comments are closed” text was displayed at the end of post regardless of the… more

Aesthete theme v.1.2 released

The Aesthete WordPress Theme version 1.2 released Changlog: ADDED: new theme option “Show Home Link” ADDED: Drop-down menu for subpages ADDED: tooltips for header images in the theme options REMOVED: theme option “Use Graphic Header” FIXED: not all options were displayed at some hostings FIXED:  some markup issues Information | Demo | Download more

The Aesthete WordPress theme version 1.1.2 released

The Aesthete WordPress Theme version 1.1.2 released Changlog: ADDED: new theme option “Hide blog info” FIXED:  some markup issues FIXED: not all options were displayed if uploads dir is not writable CHANGED: thumbnail caching is not required now. If  uploads dir is not writable thumbnails are generated dynamically FIXED: I tried  to make the theme PHP4 compatible.… more

The Aesthete WordPress Theme 1.1.1

The Aesthete WordPress Theme version 1.1.1 released Changlog: FIXED:  some options issues CHANGED: Clarified header image  option Demo | Download more